RFID Medical Cabinet



RFID Medical Cabinet

RFID Medical Management Cabinet: This management cabinet utilizes cutting-edge radio frequency identification technology (RFID), combined with an intelligent management system and cloud-based analytics, to provide you with a more efficient and secure solution for medication and medical supply management.

The RFID cabinet employs advanced RFID technology to track and identify items stored within the cabinet. Each item is equipped with an RFID tag, allowing the system to automatically recognize and record relevant information when items are placed into or retrieved from the cabinet. This eliminates the need for manual inventory checks and provides real-time inventory monitoring and auditing, significantly improving workflow efficiency.

Our RFID management cabinet is also equipped with a smart management system, enabling you to easily manage inventory, perform queries, and conduct analysis. You can monitor and control the cabinet\\\’s operations through a computer or mobile device, allowing you to check inventory status and item locations anytime, anywhere. This enables better planning and management of item usage, reducing the risk of loss and damage.

Furthermore, our RFID management cabinet incorporates robust security measures. Only authorized personnel can access the cabinet, and each access is logged and recorded. This ensures the security and traceability of items while also helping you better manage access permissions within the cabinet.

Whether you are in an office environment, warehouse, medical facility, or any location requiring item management, our RFID management cabinet provides a comprehensive solution. It offers efficiency, security, and traceability, helping you better manage items and saving time and costs.

SV-RC-02 智慧型醫療管理櫃  規格表

Product Details Parameters
Model SV-RC-02 RFID Medical Cabinet
Product size (H*W*D) 1885mm x 1010mm x 610mm
Product Weight 155 KG
Using Electricity AC 110 伏特 / 50 赫茲
Lighting LED
Capacity Specifications 6 Layer
management system RFID card or enter password
Material/Color 冷札鋼板 / 白色、黑色
Place items Surgical gowns, hospital consumables, controlled drugs
Options Remote monitoring,management system