Tray Locker

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Tray Locker

Combine control cabinet, machine tool management, material management
※There will be an LED indicator when it is turned on
※There are ground angle support wheels for easy movement and positioning
※Need to be used with a material management machine or install a separate control box

SL-5032 Tray Locker Specification table

Details Parameter
Model SL-5032 Tray Locker
Product Size (H*W*D) 950*823*610 mm
Weight 117 kg
Power AC 110(220) V / 50(60) Hz
Light LED
Capacity 5格(大中小抽屉三格&格子柜两格)
Payment RFID Card or Other
Material/Color SPCC / Black
Products PPE Supply 、 Factory Supply
Optional Wireless remote management

SL-5032 Video